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Box Strength
Corrugated boxes manufactured in the U.S. must meet or exceed one of the two quality standards outlined in publications: the National Motor Freight Traffic Association’s National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) and the National Railroad Freight Committee’s Uniform Freight Classification (UFC): Minimum Burst Strength or Edge Crush Test (ECT). Boxes must be made of combined board (corrugated or solid fiberboard) that meets or exceeds the minimum burst strength and combined basis weight as well as the minimum edge crush test listed in Table A per the appropriate gross weight and dimensions listed.
Eco Box is committed to providing the highest quality product at the lowest possible price. We offer both burst strength tested and edge crush tested boxes in 180 different sizes. Most of our stock boxes are rated at 32 ECT and most of our picture/mirror boxes are rated at 200 lbs minimum burst strength. As shown in Table A, a single wall corrugated fiberboard box with a rating of 32 ECT is equivalent to a 200 burst strength box allowing a maximum content weight of 65 lbs.
Table A. Minimum Burst Strength vs. Edge Crush Test