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Shipping Boxes, Supplies & Packing

Let EcoBox pack & ship your items at one of our Local Stores.
Let eco Box Ship Your Items
EcoBox offers a huge selection of shipping supplies including boxes, tubes, mailers, paper, foam, strapping, edge protectors and much more.
  • No Minimum Quantity To Purchase - Order 1 or 1000 On All Items!
Boxes Corrugated

Cardboard / Corrugated Boxes

Extensive selection of corrugated / cardboard boxes for storage, heavy duty moving and more.

  • No Minimum Quantity To Purchase - Order 1 or 1,000 On All Box Sizes!

EcoBox is the only company to sell less than bundle quantities of boxes. Only buy what you need ! No need to purchase in multiples of bundle quantities. If you need 37 boxes we'll deliver 37 boxes !
Bubble Rolls

Bubble Rolls

Three types of bubble rolls - perforated, non-perforated, anti static.

EcoBox now stocks Bio-Bubble the 100% Degradable Bubble Rolls. There is no extra costs for Bio-Bubble and the performance is still the same ! It’s a win-win solution ! Protect heavy or delicate items such as electronics, paintings or sculptures with Bio-Bubble. Click here for more information.

Tape & Tape Guns

Packing Tape / Tape Guns

Five varieties of tape in 1” and 2” widths, plus a variety of easy-to-use dispensers.

Packing Peanuts

Anti Static / Bio Degradable Packing Peanuts

Choose from regular Styrofoam packing peanuts, anti static packing peanuts or bio-degradable packing peanuts.

Cushioning & Foam

Cushioning & Foam Packing Supplies

Foam packing supplies by the roll, by the sheet or expanding foam bags.

UBlox® Edge Protectors
2 Categories to choose from:  Boxes ONLY or Boxes and Foam Kits
Stretch Wrap & Dispensers

Stretch Wrap

Not just for wrapping skids, wrap your furniture to protect against stains and damage during moves, storage or remodeling.

Corrugated Sheets & Rolls

Corrugated Sheets & Rolls

Corrugated Paper in sheets or rolls.


Document Mailing Tubes, Storage Tubes

Ideal for protecting or shipping large paper items such as posters, artwork or blueprints.

Copy & Credit Card Paper

Copy & Credit Card Paper


Strapping & Strapping Sealers

Choose from poly or steel strapping. Sealers and tensioners complete the job.

Edge Protection

Plastic, Foam & Paperboard Edge Protectors

Edge protection in paperboard, plastic, foam or corrugated.

Anti Static Products

Anti Static Products / Packaging

Choose from a selection of anti static wraps, bags and packing peanuts to protect your valuables for moving and storage.

Kraft Paper

Kraft Paper Rolls

An affordable and effective means of wrapping and packaging. 100% recycled. Custom weights and sizes available - call 1-800-267-8714 for more information.

Newsprint & Tissue Paper

Newsprint & Tissue Paper

Newsprint and tissue paper available in a variety of sizes for all your moving & shipping needs. The most cost effective way to protect fragile items.

Thermal Printer Paper

Thermal Printer Rolls

Poly Bags

Poly Bags

A variety of sizes, types and features for use in packing or shipping.

Labels & Packing Slips

Box Labels and Packing Slips

Labels for all your shipping needs.

Envelopes & Mailers

Bubble Mailers, Padded Mailers

Padded and bubble mailers provide protection for smaller items sent through the mail.

Dollies & Hand Trucks - Magliner
Dollies & Hand Trucks - Magliner
Warehouse Equipment

Warehouse Equipment

A complete line of warehouse equipment including hand trucks, box cutters and carton staplers.

Custom Products

Custom Products

EcoBox has the solution you are looking for with custom corrugated or chipboard dividers, foam inserts and custom box sizes. Call 1-888-932-6269 for more info !

Overstock & Misprints

Overstock & Misprints

Save money! EcoBox has a variety of overstocked and misprinted moving, packing & shipping supplies. Check out the great discounts.

Box Cutters
Box Cutters