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Kraft Bubble Mailers

Kraft Bubble Mailers

Self-sealing earth friendly kraft bubble mailers protect fragile shipments. Seamless bottom for maximum strength.  Kraft with 3/16" biodegradeable bubble lining.  Ideal for CDs, DVDs or photographs.

# Quantity Pricing qty per case Add to Cart
E-3146 4x8 000 Pricing Info 500
E-2004 5x10 00 Pricing Info 250
E-3135 6x10 0 Pricing Info 250
E-2020 7.3x12 1 Pricing Info 100
E-2021 8.5x12 2 Pricing Info 100
E-2008 8.3x14.3 3 Pricing Info 100
E-2009 9.5x14.5 4 Pricing Info 100
E-3147 10.5x16 5 Pricing Info 100
E-2011 12.5x19 6 Pricing Info 50
E-2012 14x20 7 Pricing Info 50